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Hair Replacement Results for Women

Discover how the CRLAB hair systems can provide you with a hair restoration solution that gives you natural looking results.


“I started losing my hair when I was about 9 years old, so this is really something that I have been dealing with for most of my life. I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t have some hair loss. It was just a very emotional time, probably about 5 years ago, when I was introduced to the CNC hair pieces. It’s really just been a lifestyle change because it feels so natural and it stays on my head just like normal and it feels as close as I possibly could come to having your hair, so what I thought might not be possible for me has been made possible.”


“I started to lose my hair around the age of 12, it started to thin in the front sections of my hair. It made me feel extremely insecure. I wouldn’t make eye contact with anybody and because I was still in school, I was teased a lot about my thinning hair. I got introduced to CNC through my salon. The CNC system makes me feel like I have my own hair, it looks more natural, it moves with me and makes me feel confident.”


“I lost my hair about 2 years ago due to a really stressful life event. I can remember sitting in the airport waiting to pick up my son and running my hand through my hair and a grapefruit sized chunk coming out. I had gone through creams to put on my head to grow back hair, I had gone through shots on my scalp, I had gone through medication, I had used wigs. Once I got CNC it was amazing because I could be active, I could go swimming. Now I could tell people on my terms whether I had hair or not. I wasn’t forced to like with wearing a wig.”


“I lost my hair three years ago. It happened over a period of 3 months. Before all my hair fell off, I decided to buy a wig in order to fix the situation. After purchasing the wig, I shaved my head completely because my hair kept falling off. I was not happy with the wig. One day, I went to get my eyebrows done with permanent makeup and I met a woman that told me about Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories. I felt like the world opened up for me. As soon as I wore it, I felt beautiful. I do everything I want, play with my hair. I really love to brush and style my hair. I get to go to the hairdresser and wear any hairstyle.”


“Previous to the CRL, I was using wigs which are quite uncomfortable. I am able to now go swimming without well trying to find a swim cap or something that covers it. I can play sports without worrying that when I play volleyball that the wig is going to slip. It’s just a lot easier for me to live my day. When I go to the gym, I’m able to pin it up. It’s just like my natural hair and I am very happy with it. Definitely given me more confidence to go about my day. I think that the real me is finally back.”

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