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Wigs For Men: A Good Hair Solution For Baldness?

Men Hair Loss Treatment

At CRLab Australia, we understand it is difficult to seek help when it comes to hair loss. There is so much information available that it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start. It can also be extremely isolating as it may feel as though nobody else is going through the same thing. As you begin to lose your hair, you may question what the best options are and wonder if wigs are a solution for baldness. Here we discuss the benefits of wigs for men to better understand why they are used and who they are suited for.  

Boost confidence – Men who are suffering from hair loss may experience low self-esteem, creating obstacles in their everyday lives because they no longer have the confidence to live to their full potential. Look-good feel-good mentality is a major factor for most people and when something as obvious as hair starts to go, confidence levels may not be as high as they once were. Wearing a high-quality wig is a sure-fire way to get the look-good feel-good factor back and give yourself a well needed confidence boost.  

Conceal hair loss issues – The great thing about wigs for men is that they can successfully conceal hair loss by covering up any problem areas you have. Everybody experiences hair loss differently. Some men lose all their hair at a young age and others may start losing it in patches. Whatever the concerns are, wigs for men is an option that can cover all bases.  

Sun protection of scalp – In Australia, two in three people will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. Even more alarming is the fact that men are at a greater risk of mortality from skin cancer than women. When we apply our daily sunscreen, we rarely stop and think about the skin on our scalp. As men start to lose hair, the area of scalp that is exposed to the sun becomes larger and more at risk of sun damage. Wearing a wig or a hair system is a way of covering this area of skin for sun protection. While this may not be the number one reason why men choose to wear a wig, it is certainly a benefit of wigs for men 

The right type can look very natural – The biggest misconception about wigs for men is that they will look unnatural. While the types of wigs that we have seen in the past may not have been the most flattering option, fortunately, technology has come a long way and we are now seeing products that blend seamlessly with the client’s natural hair. Clients who have lost all their natural hair will be pleased to know that there are also suitable options for them, with full hair pieces matched to their desired texture, colour and length. Gone are the days of the questionable toupee!   

Wigs for men can be made with so many variations, they are no longer a one size fits all solution.  At CRLab Australia, we offer highly customizable hair systems that are an exact replica of your scalp. This ensures a perfect fit and the most natural look, every time. If you are wanting to learn more about the benefits of wigs for men, contact us today to arrange a consultation!  

Cesare Ragazzi CRLab Australia
Stefano Ospitali, CEO Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories

About Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CRLab) is an established leader in the field of scientific research into hair and scalp disorders, and the development of effective treatments including the CNC system. Since opening their first private clinic over fify years ago, they have treated over a million clients worldwide in 23 countries. CRLab Australia was founded by Carla Lawson, Australia’s leading hair extensions specialist.

Carla is no stranger to the challenges of hair loss and thinning, having experienced it from a young age along with her sister, who has undergone several costly and unsuccessful hair transplants over the years. As a result, Carla Lawson has partnered with Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Italy to bring their unique proven technology to Australia. CRLab delivers instant and natural results for people living with full or partial hair loss to help clients live a life without compromise.

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