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How Costly is a Hair Transplant? Is it worth doing?

How Costly Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common reality for many men regardless of their age. Experiencing hair loss can result in low self-esteem as well as identity issues.

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition and there are many factors which can contribute to hair loss including:

  • Stress
  • Medical conditions e.g. alopecia
  • Injuries e.g. burns
  • Medical treatments e.g. chemotherapy
  • Inflammatory diseases e.g. lupus

One of the most popular solutions for male pattern baldness and hair loss is a hair transplant. If you’re considering a hair transplant here’s what you need to know:

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a type of surgery that moves your existing hair to fill an area that is thinning or has no hair. The process is invasive as it involves removing and grafting the skin and hair from one area to other areas of your scalp. There are various techniques available depending on your condition and surgeon.

How much does it Cost?

Hair transplants are considered a cosmetic surgery and won’t qualify for Medicare or private health insurance. This means you need to be prepared and aware of the out-of-pocket costs which can be up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The CNC hair system is dermatologically tested, safe and proven to work. It’s water, wind, sweat, sun and sleep proof!

The CNC hair system is dermatologically tested, safe and proven to work. It’s water, wind, sweat, sun and sleep proof!

What are the Common Misconceptions?

A hair transplant is not a complete, 100 percent effective solution for your hair loss. The results are not the same for every patient as it depends on the amount and thickness of the hair you have left. It’s best to discuss with a hair transplant surgeon what a realistic result will be for your personal condition.

Can there be Complications from Hair Transplants?

Generally, hair transplants are very safe, but they are still a surgical procedure and come with their own set of risks. Some hair transplant risks include bruising, bleeding, swelling, infection, severe scarring and nerve damage. The procedure may also cause damage to your existing hair.

How long is Recovery Time after Surgery?

Recovery time varies depending on the individual but most people return to work several days after surgery. However, it is usually advised to avoid exercise or any strenuous activity including sex for about ten days after surgery. This is because activities that can increase your blood pressure can make wounds bleed.

If you’re unsure about what you can or can’t do after hair transplant surgery, ask your surgeon directly.

Is there an Alternative to Hair Transplant Surgery?

If hair transplant surgery is not the ideal solution for you, there are some non-surgical options you may like consider instead including wigs and over the counter medications. If you are looking for a more permanent and low maintenance solution then you might also like to consider the CNC Hair System.  Read more on 3 Alternative Hair Loss Treatments for Men without A Hair Transplant.

The non-surgical CNC hair replacement system is a dermatologically tested, safe hair prosthetic that is custom made for your individual look. It is water, wind, sweat, sun and sleep proof which allows you to enjoy the freedom of an active lifestyle and live life without compromise!

Want to know more about how the CNC System can transform your lifestyle and look? Contact us here. Schedule your no obligation consultation at CRLab Australia today!

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Stefano Ospitali, CEO Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories

About Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CRLab) is an established leader in the field of scientific research into hair and scalp disorders, and the development of effective treatments including the CNC system. Since opening their first private clinic over fify years ago, they have treated over a million clients worldwide in 23 countries. CRLab Australia was founded by Carla Lawson, Australia’s leading hair extensions specialist.

Carla is no stranger to the challenges of hair loss and thinning, having experienced it from a young age along with her sister, who has undergone several costly and unsuccessful hair transplants over the years. As a result, Carla Lawson has partnered with Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Italy to bring their unique proven technology to Australia. CRLab delivers instant and natural results for people living with full or partial hair loss to help clients live a life without compromise.

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