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Alternative Hair Loss Treatments for Men

3 Alternative Hair Loss Treatments Men

Experiencing hair loss can be an unsettling experience. Many men who lose their hair early in life say they feel less attractive but do not want to undergo a surgical hair transplant as it can be time consuming, painful and costly. Thanks to advances in research and technology, there are a range of alternative and non-invasive hair loss treatments for men available.

Here are three alternative hair loss treatments for men that might be right for you:

1. Wigs

Wigs have come a long way in comfort and quality. Recent developments have created undetectable, beautiful, natural hairstyles made with quality human hair. Keep in mind, wigs can range from affordable to costly depending on the quality you’re looking for. They are also not a permanent solution as they cannot be worn when you shower or exercise.

Your hair underneath will also need to be trimmed and maintained; and growth of your natural hair might be affected from lack of ventilation under the wig.

2. Laser Light Therapy

Laser light therapy is a worthwhile option for men who have experienced thinning or are wanting to prevent as much further hair loss as possible. It’s very safe with no major side effects and is a great option if you’re looking for hair loss treatment you can do at home.

However, this option does require quite a bit of upkeep to get the best results. Some home light treatments advise using the hand-held device up to 15 minutes a day three days a week, for as long as you want to keep seeing results.

The light therapy works by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and which encourages hair growth. It’s a great option for men who want to nip their hair loss in the bud and have noticed early signs – and perfect if you aren’t ready to undergo more intense or costly treatments.

3. CNC Hair Prosthesis System

The CNC non-surgical hair replacement system is water, wind, sweat sun and sleep proof – get on with living a life without compromise.

The CNC non-surgical hair replacement system is water, wind, sweat sun and sleep proof – get on with living a life without compromise.

CNC hair treatment is a world-class revolutionary treatment that made waves when exclusively introduced to Australia. Developed by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CRLab), this hair restoration method uses 3D printing technology to create a custom prosthesis with clinical precision, handcrafted materials, and the highest quality human hair in the world.

It works by replicating your scalp and hair for a flawless fit and natural look. This means you’ll be able to achieve that perfect texture, colour and style you’re looking for with one painless, non-invasive treatment.

CNC gives you the freedom and confidence with your hair. It’s one of the only hair replacement methods that won’t impede your day-to-day activities. Water, wind, sweat and sun won’t ruin your hair, so you won’t have to change your lifestyle to achieve the hair you want!

Live life without compromise. Want to know more about how the CNC System can transform your lifestyle and look? Contact us here. Schedule your no obligation consultation at CRLab Australia today!

Cesare Ragazzi CRLab Australia
Stefano Ospitali, CEO Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories

About Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CRLab) is an established leader in the field of scientific research into hair and scalp disorders, and the development of effective treatments including the CNC system. Since opening their first private clinic over fify years ago, they have treated over a million clients worldwide in 23 countries. CRLab Australia was founded by Carla Lawson, Australia’s leading hair extensions specialist.

Carla is no stranger to the challenges of hair loss and thinning, having experienced it from a young age along with her sister, who has undergone several costly and unsuccessful hair transplants over the years. As a result, Carla Lawson has partnered with Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Italy to bring their unique proven technology to Australia. CRLab delivers instant and natural results for people living with full or partial hair loss to help clients live a life without compromise.

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